Happiness and Tears/Alegrías y lágrimas

May-June 2017 Gorilla Tango Theater, Chicago, IL

December 2015 Cervantes Institute, Chicago, IL

May 2015 Piven Theater, Evanston, IL

October 2012 Raven Theater & Centro Romero, Chicago, IL

April 2012 Excerpts Presented at ¡Venceremos!, Chicago, IL

October 2011 Raven Theater, Chicago, IL

June 2011 Erie Neighborhood House Theater, Chicago, IL

June 2011 Theater Wit, Chicago, IL

October 2010 Raven Theater, Chicago, IL


Men Around the World

July 2016 & 2017 Chicago Writers’ Bloc, Evanston, IL

May 2013 Next Theatre, Evanston, IL











Voiceless Melodies—Folksongs of Punjabi Women
April 2016 International Voices Project, Victory Gardens Theater, Chicago, IL

Chac Mool, adaptation of Carlos Fuentes story
December 2011 Raven Theater, Chicago, IL

The Rabbi’s Daughter and the Runaway Irishman
August 2010 Theater Wit, Chicago, IL

Forever Flamenco
October 2009 Instituto Cervantes, Chicago, IL

Hall of Hungry Ghosts/El pasillo de las almas perdidas

August 2007 Scenic Presentation at Barrio Arts Fest, Chicago, IL

May 2007 Next Theatre, Evanston, IL

October 2006 Scenic Presentation at Aguijón Theater, Chicago, IL

March 2006 staged reading, Buenos Aires, Argentina







The Empty Chalices/
Los cálices vacios

April 2014 Cervantes Institute, Chicago, IL

October 2008 Cervantes Institute, Chicago, IL

May 2007 Montevideo, Uruguay

November 2006 Montevideo, Uruguay

May 2005 Scenic Presentation, Loyola University, Chicago, IL

April 2005 Staged Reading as finalist in Urban Stage Playwriting Contest, NYC, NY



February 2005 Next Theatre, Evanston, IL

August 2004 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Winter 2004 Scenic Presentations at Women and Children First Bookstore, Cicero Book Fair (Chicago); University of Louisville

Fall 2003 Montevideo,Uruguay; Scenic Presentation at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

May 2003 Scenic Presentation at Evanston High School and Evanston Public Library, Evanston, IL

April-May 2003 Aguijón Theater, Chicago, IL

March-May 2003 Cervantes Theater, Uruguay

April 2002 Scenic Presentation at Blue Ridge International Conference for the Humanities and Arts, North Carolina


Video from my little play, an adaptation of Carlos Fuentes’ Chac Mool.